Thursday, April 22, 2004

Lighten up, people!

It has been my observation in the past 4 years that people in general are taking things, and especially themselves, way too seriously.

Minds are closing left and right and those of us who are still open to new ideas and ways of doing things - you know, 'education' - are getting harder and harder to find. You see, nowadays people are born with all they need to know and nothing you say is of any value to them, even if they ASKED for the information. To me, this sounds very much like a teenager.

(No offense to any teenagers out there who AREN'T like this, but you have to know that you are very, very rare.)

So, it seems that as a nation, we're immature, spoiled brats and have no qualms in stooping to temper tantrums (i.e. lawsuits, threats, and sometimes, actual temper tantrums) to get our own way and ensure that we don't have to listen to or do anything that anyone else suggests, even if it's for our own good.


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