Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hey...Florida's kind of pretty

This past weekend my in-laws visited for a few days. They just bought an RV and are testing it out, driving down from Maine to visit us here in South Florida. My husband and I are very reclusive due to the fact that whenever we try to go out, the over-abundance of people and, more specifically, RUDE people that live in South Florida just makes almost every outing a bit miserable.

While our in-laws were here, they told us about a little park they had found close by so we met them there, not holding out much hope to have a very good time. However, the park allowed dogs so we hooked China up to the Gentle Leader and took her to the Ocean Inlet Park in Ocean Ridge.

It was actually pretty nice. Dogs weren't allowed on the actual beach, but we walked around on the intercoastal side of the park and had a nice visit with his parents. China got to smell new smells (always an exciting thing for her) and we found a new place that we can go to for a different change of pace.

Pictures of our outing are on the Trips and Vacations page on my site, in the Photography section. There are also a couple of new pictures of China in the 'Animal Friends' section. Be sure to check them out!


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