Sunday, May 30, 2004

How Depressing...

As anyone who is around me for very long knows, I have been becoming extremely discouraged about the world we live in. These past four years have been especially bad.

Now, a person I highly respect on a message board I frequent has just come right out and said that our society started to crumble when the Women's movement got underway. This statement was made from an outspoken, seemingly independent woman.

I can't understand how people can rationalize oppression just because things were better before any group started demanding equal treatment. It may be true that families stayed together more, that children behaved better, but at what cost? A group of people, in this example, women, were treated like second class citizens, were not considered equal or worthy to men.

Today's most news-making group demanding equal treatment are gays. I'm too young to remember the sixties, but from what I've seen, read and heard, it looks like no one has learned a god-damned thing since then. At that time it was blacks and women fighting for equal treatment. (That STILL hasn't happened, by the way, although it has gotten better.)

And once again, who is it that's trying to stop progress? The same people it was the last time: republicans, 'religious' groups, close-minded idiots...oh, that's redundant, isn't it?

Republicans claim to want less government, yet they want to govern what we do with our bodies and how we conduct ourselves in the bedroom.

Religious groups claim to love their fellow man, yet they spew hate from their pulpits toward any group that dares to believe something different than some archaic piece of literature written thousands of years ago claims as truth.

And close-minded idiots? Well...they're close-minded idiots, nothing more need be said about them.

Things HAVE gotten worse, but you can't blame those fighting for equal treatment. I blame those trying to deny these rights. They have created the hate and animosity.


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