Thursday, June 17, 2004

Things are 'a changin'

Well, we finally did it. We've decided to get out of South Florida and move to Maine - probably at the end of the summer. We have never been happy in South Florida and have been wanting to get out of here ever since we moved here. (We moved to S. FL for jobs, which are no longer worth it.)

So, here's my list of why Maine is better than South Florida.

1: People are sane as a rule, not as an exception.
2: There are actual seasons, not just 'warm' and 'warmer'
3: You can go out to eat in the winter without waiting an hour for a table.
4: Snow
5: It's easier to stalk Stephen King from Maine than from Florida (that's a joke. It's my mother who wants to stalk Stephen King, not me.)
6: Moose
7: Last I heard, the elections aren't rigged in Maine.
8: While the Bushes may have property in Maine, at least they aren't governing of the state.
9: It's quiet.
10: We get to live in a house! With our own yard! And no close neighbors!

There are plenty more reasons, but that's good for a start.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Brandi! We are currently stuck here in stressful, chaotic South Florida and would VERY much like to get OUT. That's what we're moving towards. I totally agree with every single point on your list. We actually complain about every one of them each and every day. You did miss a few things so I thought I'd contribute these additions:

-- They totally lack a proper education down here. They want the parents to do all of their work.

-- There's not a thing you can do down here that will be done properly the first time. Everything must be taken back or done over every time.

-- They have an aggravating attitude of "Oh. Well, that's the best we can do." This would actually include taking the kids for a Happy Meal and the dummies can't remember to put the beef on the bun! Not the brightest down here, that's for sure!

--The part about the warm and warmer... You can't even go out in the fall or winter without getting eaten by the elephant size mosquitos!

Yep, if we wanted to live this close to the neighbors we woulda' moved to Brooklyn or Queens! Oh, but maybe even THEY have bigger yards than we do! If you want a quarter acre, that'll cost ya' big time, here. We're canned sardines and while they are cramming us this way, they don't even build the schools FIRST. That comes years down the road. There isn't enough of ANYTHING to accommodate the number of people. Shoes for my kids -- a nightmare every time as they never have whatever size it is that they are growing into.

Life is chaotic and stressful here. It's really ridiculous. It is a shame, since it has so much potential with all the beauty. It's ruined by sheer stupidity.

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