Thursday, November 18, 2004

Different Preferences, that's all

Since announcing that the family and I are moving to Maine, I've had several people ask me why? It seems that everyone has this mindset that Florida is 'the' place to live, vacation or retire.

For many people, this is obviously true, but it is not for me. Take a look at these pictures:

The first is a picture of Boca Raton Lake down here in Florida:

Sure, it's a nice picture, but look at what's in it: Sky-scraping condos, boats, people, people and more people.

Now, look at this picture of a lake in the Belgrade Lakes area:

What's there? A pier, a (only one) boat and a (only one) person. No ugly buildings and a lot more trees.

I prefer picture number two. That's the way I'd like to live my life and I look forward to finally obtaining that life-style.

No, there will be no more regular 'eating out' nights, no more spur-of-the-moment movie buying sprees, but it's worth moving to a place where I can go outside and be by myself and (to sound corny) be one with nature.

Three weeks and counting...


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