Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Job Searches are no fun at all

I've been looking for a job this past month and it hasn't been very much fun. I hate the job search process. Everyone does. I haven't met the freak yet who likes sending out resumes, going to job interviews and being scrutinized by total strangers.

Geez, that makes me feel even worse. Ha!

I've had a couple of good interviews this past week. This Thursday I'm going for a 'round 2' interview at the local Humane Society. I'm not sure I'll accept the job even if they offer it. The pay is very low (understandable - it's a shelter) which makes the job not worth it to me. It's pure customer service and I can't have much contact with the animals due to workers comp insurance rules.

So, what's the point? I have to deal with customers only (whom I generally loathe) and I can't even walk a pooch to relieve the stress.

The other job I interviewed for pays much better, uses more of my talents, but is a 45 minutes drive, one way. So, if I get that job that would be great, but I'd be spending 1 and a half hour everyday driving.

*Sigh* I just hope the job hunt is over soon.


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