Monday, February 07, 2005

This is NOT another Super Bowl post...or maybe it is

Man, I didn't even watch the damn thing but I still feel like the Super Bowl has permeated my life. Everywhere I went online today it was Super Bowl this and Super Bowl that.

Thing was, all these fans of the Super Bowl - all they did was bitch. The commercials weren't funny, there weren't enough bare breasts, Paul McCartney is old. Geez, what is it with fans today? They can't enjoy anything anymore.

Just for the record, I hate sports. The amount of money spent on sports - a form of entertainment that is the same thing over and over and over and over again - disgusts me. Sure, that player can throw the ball further than that other player, but you know what? They're all doing the same thing - throwing balls. Whoopee!

Hmm, guess I'm feeling cynical today.

So, what did I do on Sunday afternoon while most of the rest of the country was salivating over some over-paid jocks throwing around an odd-shaped ball? I organized comics, watched more episodes of Twin Peaks, took my dog for a walk and worked on my upcoming James Cagney site. Not too terribly exciting, but from what I read on the web, neither was the Super Bowl!

Oh, and Jeff Albertson: Most - boring - name - ever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brandi, I agree with you about the stupid Super Bowl. I got sick of hearing about it, too, and I hate sports. But... if I can't complain about one thing, it's that the Patriots won! ;) Rah, Kackie

11:39 PM  

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