Saturday, June 11, 2005

My new hero...

It's been kind of hot here the past couple of days. I know, I used to live in Florida, I should be used to that. However, I was used to living in Florida with the A/C working at all hours.

We don't have A/C up here in Maine. It's really hot right now (about 90) but by Tuesday, it's supposed to be back down in the 60's and low 70's again. Which is nice, and because of that, I don't really think we need heavy duty air conditioning. Maybe a small one for the bedroom, but not much else.

But, why do you ask, is the Dragonfly my new hero?

Easy. We've had a very wet Spring. Since the warm/hot weather hit, the mosquitos came out in droves and have made being outside completely miserable.

Today, when I took China in the back yard to brush out her loose hair, I realized that I wasn't being bitten by the pests despite the fact that I had forgotten to spray myself down with Off.

That's when I looked around and saw that our yard is now full of dragonflies. Anyone who is afraid of Dragonflies would call it a swarm, but fortunately, I've never been afraid of Dragonflies. I've always found them quite pretty.

Dragonflies eat mosquitos and the 'swarm' now inhabiting our yard is doing it's job quite nicely. It's such a nice change from the past few days.

So, you keep on buzzin', you Dragonflies. I swear I'll never squash a one of you.


Blogger Chris Benjamin said...


Hey! Just browsing thru some of your old entries and caught the excellent dragonfly entry. I have always been fond of dragonflies for about the same reasons you are. When we lived in Lake Jackson I always told the boys about dragonflies and how we could regard them as heroes for eating up the bloodsucking mosquitos.

I even designed a hero called The Dragonfly when I was a kid. It was really just a rip-off of the old Charlton Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), who I am saddened to say was recently killed in this here infinite crisis thing (May he rest in limbo).

Dragonflies make good heroes but if I were doing The Dragonfly Comic now I would do it up like the Superman/Batman/Captain Marvel Family. The female version would be The Damsel-fly. The kid sidekick would be Dragon-Nymph (which would later get turned into a really cute girl by a Frank Miller or Alan Moore re-boot of the comic because the name "Dragon-Nymph" was always suggestive even though I have always claimed it is just an innocent adoption of the name of an immature Dragonfly).

And finally, there would be Rex, The Dog-fly, who of course wears little goggles just like The Dragonfly to protect his true identity as Rex - just Rex; not Rex, The Dog-fly of course. Oh no! Why would anyone think the plain old Rex is really Rex, the Dog-Fly. I mean c'mon, The Dog-fly wears goggles for Crom's sake.

But let's not forget The Dragonfly's nemesis (which started this whole dream) - The Mosquito! He started out as a maniacal yet cartoonish fellow who was forever tying the Damselfly up to a steel table and attempting to drain her of all her blood by sticking a needle in her eye. But in the Miller/Moore retcon the Mosquito is a vampiric femme fatale in love with the Dragonfly; which makes sense because all the bloodsucking mosquitos are female.

Well now that I have unfortunately acted the part of the male chauvinist pig, I bid you a friendly and pleasant adieu.

10:24 PM  

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